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Question 1:
For install the security key (white colour - single version) in Window 95/98/ME >>Answer

Question 2:
Install net security key (red colour) in Window NT Server or Window 95/98/ME >>Answer

Question 3:
Install Multi Company >>Answer

Question 4:
How to use the keyboard to operate :- >>Answer

Question 5:
Knock Off Bills - Customer >>Answer

Question 6:
Download file from internet, how to install it to the harddisk? >>Answer

Question 7:
Is EMAS Software can install in the Novell 4.0? Is Novell support long file name? >>Answer

Question 8:
How can I print 2 Official Receipt in 1 piece of paper? >>Answer

Question 9:
Can EMAS - Accounting System upgrade UBS Accounting Data? >>Answer

Question 10:
Can EMAS - Inventory System transfer the UBS Stock Program? >>Answer

Question 11:
How can I set 2 decimal or 3 decimal places for user defined field? >>Answer

Question 12:
How can I total the user defined field in detail? >>Answer

Question 13:
I have multiple D/o merge to one invoice, and I want print out the d/o No. in invoice detail, what field should I put in invoice detail? >>Answer

Question 14:
Report Print Preview Illegible Under Windows NT >>Answer

Question 15:
Debtor Control A/C in Trial Balance not tally with Balance Sheet Debtor Control A/C >>Answer

Question 16:
Can EMAS - Invoicing System transfer the UBS Invoicing Program? >>Answer

Question 17:
3 columns Balance Sheet - 2nd column for depreciation is always blank? >>Answer

Question 18:
Why my knock off - aging report total difference to debtor trial balance report? >>Answer

Question 19:
How to print out the on hand quantity and unit cost outstanding S/Order in EMAS report writer 99? >>Answer

Question 20:
What is the default user ID and password? >>Answer

Question 21:
What is OLE error code 0x800a1f45: unknown OLE status code? >>Answer

Question 22:
How to search date in transaction? >>Answer

Question 23:
When I apply bills, maintain knock off bills - Opening balance bills sometime come out, sometime not come out, why? >>Answer

Question 24:
Can I change the customer to foreign customer, if the customer already has transaction? >>Answer

Question 25:
My system is 2 in 1, Accounting + Inventory, I want to change the customer code, I should change in the Accounting or Inventory System? >>Answer

Question 26:
After year end, my bank ledger difference to last year bank balance, why? I got a lot of PDC cheque. >>Answer

Question 27:
How you calculate over credit limit when issue invoice transaction? >>Answer

Question 28:
How can I print the agent name/ area description in Accounting report? >>Answer

Question 29:
How to use get field function in Report Writer? >>Answer

Question 30:
Install EMAS Software as Client Server concept >>Answer

Question 31:
How to use the chklimit.exe file? >>Answer

Question 32:
Print job description in Report Writer >>Answer

Question 33:
Can your EMAS Software run without logon to the Window NT Server? >>Answer

Question 34:
In Report Writer, when select ictran.dbf file as a initial table file, how can I sum the header file total like icmast.n_amt? >>Answer

Question 35:
How to store, display JPG images in EMAS Software? >>Answer

Question 36:
For customer statement, if you want only 5 months aging >>Answer

Question 37:
How to print the project description in Inventory or Invoicing? >>Answer

Question 38:
For consolidated P&L and Balance Sheet - month to date command as at follow >>Answer

Question 39:
Print bank A/C balance in financial report >>Answer

Question 40:
How to print the window print file? >>Answer

Question 41:
Print financial report cannot come out, always under please wait... >>Answer

Question 42:
Print onhand in outstand S/O and P/O report >>Answer

Question 43:
How you get the balance sheet closing stock for current month balance sheet report? >>Answer

Question 44:
Stock Card is zero balance, print out as zero >>Answer

Question 45:
OLE error code 0x80040154, class not registered? (when do backup or restore) >>Answer

Question 46:
How to import the data from excel to item master file? >>Answer

Question 47:
How to import item data from item dbf (other software) file? >>Answer

Question 48:
How can I print it in DOS Mode or fast printing? >>Answer

Question 49:
How can I display the knockoff statement aging title as Jan'2002? >>Answer

Question 50:
After enter expected date and go to qty speed very slow when enter S/O or P/O >>Answer

Question 51:
What is the variable name for matrix qty (call from user defined detail) >>Answer

Question 52:
What is fatal error: Exception code = C00000FD? >>Answer

Question 53:
What is Exception code = C000005 when print report? >>Answer

Question 54:
How to import Chart of A/C, Debtors, Creditors data from UBS (window version) dbf file? >>Answer

Question 55:
How to import data (other software) to glpost9.dbf file? >>Answer

Question 56:
How to install rockey dongle? >>Answer

Question 57:
How to download software from our ftp through internet explorer? >>Answer

Question 58:
How to import the data from excel to item udf (icitemex.dbf) file? >>Answer

Question 59:
Scan item no with price >>Answer

Question 60:
How to add start from month4 onward become 1 column aging for foreign currency knockoff statement? >>Answer

Question 61:
How to print the project description in Profit & Loss by project report? >>Answer

Question 62:
How to recreate the ftp file through foxcmd? >>Answer

Question 63:
How to print the header - acc description (Voucher System)? >>Answer

Question 64:
How to calculate unrealised gain & loss for general ledger A/C? >>Answer

Question 65:
How can I print the project code, job code, project description and job description in Official Receipt? >>Answer

Question 66:
May I know the maintenance form name? >>Answer

Question 67:
Can EMAS Accounting print Official Receipt show the invoice status F (Full) or P (Part)? >>Answer

Question 68:
Rockey error list(s) >>Answer

Question 69:
How to make the rockey net service able to work with windows XP firewall? >>Answer

Question 70:
How can I print out the outstanding customer d/o amount - inventory/report writer module ? >>Answer

Question 71:
How to use the shipped command in report writer (PO or SO shipped qty). >>Answer

Question 72:
Portable Terminal
a) What is the txt file format for item.txt file? >>Answer
b) What is the txt file format for impitem.txt file ? >>Answer

Question 73:
What is saccsfrm.dbf & saccsmnu.dbf for ? >>Answer

Question 74:

Under Windows XP, after key in the chinese characters show "?" ?

Question 75:

How to set up the data path & report path if i share all whole drive ?

Question 76:

How to set up the data path & report path if i share only the abc folder ?

Question 77:

How to prevent the data loss when the machine experiences a power, device or
system failure and cannot be shutdown properly.

Question 78:

If the the firewall block the rockey driver and run the program demo set is appear.

Question 79:

Run on Windows Vista, the following driver need to install.

1) Uninstall the old Rockey 4 driver

2) Run InstDrv.EXE, to Install the driver.

Question 80:

How to configure rockey dongle to windows xp firewall ?>>Answer

Question 81:

How to configure rockey dongle to windows vista firewall ?  >>Answer

Question 82:

How emas system calculate the moving average cost ? >>Answer

Question 83:

What is the last purchase cost by date ? >>Answer

Question 84:
Fixed after upgrade from pre stk program show varaible "editrec" not found problem

Question 85: (Stock)
How to enter supplier consignment note in emas inventory system ?

    Note: Admin setup - qty cannot less than zero must set to "N"
    1) Create two locations, one is supplier location, another one consignment location
    2) When received good from supplier, enter location transfer transaction
        Location From : supplier location
        Location to   : consignment location
    3) Issue invoice transaction, location code is enter consignment location
    4) When receive invoice from supplier, enter stock received transaction,
        location is supplier location
    5) If return the balance back to supplier, enter location transfer transaction
        Location from : consignment location
        Locatio to    : supplier location

Question 86: (Stock)
Skip Bill Number, why? Issue solve by:
Go to housekeeping menu - system setup, "Reuse Deleted Bill number?" set to "N"

Question 87: (Accounting and Stock)
Auto pos to Accounting after print bill:

The Auto Posted Transaction want to modify or delete, need to modify or delete the transaction in inventory. After modify or delete the transaction in Inventory, user needs to change update status under admin -> change update status to blank. Then, print the modified transaction, it will prompt out to ask user needs to update the transaction. it will over write the old transaction.

Question 88: Is emas accounting support windows 2008 ?

     Ans: Yes, install rockey driver way same as windows vista.
     32bit windows 2008
     64bit windows 2008

Question 89: During run emas program show invalid path or filename ?

     Please check the following 3 folders, 
     \exports\, \data\ and \reports\ or under \acc\ folder
     if inside the folder got a lot of sub sub backup folder, please move out to
     out side the \acc\ folder, than your problem auto solved.

Question 90: How to print the sales order number (maximum 10) in invoice header ?

     1. under report control toolbar, click the field button (abl), key in the
        following command to the expression      
        For 2nd sales order number will be minso_no2 (able up to minso_no10).
     2. If I want show the label "S/O No" beside the s/o no, what is the command
        under report control toolbar, click the field button (abl), key in the     
        following command to the expression
        iif(empty(minso_no1),"","S/O NO")

Question 91. Happend in Windows Vista, in accounting program enter/edit transaction form,         the closable button auto disappear ?
       Ans: control panel-performance informat and tools-adjust visual effect (at left hand           side)- tick "custom" -untick "use a background image for icon labels on the desktop"
         then apply it.

Question 92. How to print customized report format in difference computer difference printer ?

     e.g. I got two computer, and both of them have their own printer.
     Computer A, do the report format setting, let say print half page
     When go to computer B (workstation-do mapping), run computer A program
     and select the report format, if I want print half page in computer B
     printer, how to do the setting ?
     Go report folder, run the following exe (can find this exe file from
     our utility folder)
     A) Accounting - accrpt.exe
     B) Inventory - stkrpt.exe
     if the report format is created by user, e.g. ic#in20.frx
     Go report folder, run foxcmd
     use ic#in20.frx
     blank fields tag, tag2 record 1 

Question 93. In windows 7, how can i know my windows 7 is run on 32 bits or 64 bits ?

     To see if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows,
     do the following:

     1. Open System by clicking the Start button Windows, clicking Control Panel,
         clicking System and Security, and then clicking System.
     2. Under System, you can view the system type. 

Question 94. Happen in windows 7 only

    when restart pc ,will show one message "openscrmanage failed.
    make sure that you are administrator"


    go control pannel - user accounts - change user acocunt control setting
    - under choose when to be notified about changes to your computer

    set: NEVER NOTIFY (move down the notify bar to bottom)  

Question 95. How to key in Chinese characters in windows 7?

    Ans: Go control panel - regional and language options - 
         administrative - click change system locale, select chinese (Simplified PRC)         
         Need restart pc.
         For key in chinese, 
         Go control panel - regional and language options;
         keyboards and languages - change keyboards, under install services, click add
         Chinese (simplified) - Miscrosoft PinYin  

Question 96. . Why key in foreign currency rate is 3.8 in Accounting System, but after save, 
     system show the foreign currency rate is 3.80000127
     The main reason is because local amount field is 2 decimal only. e.g
     Invoice amount is USD 1571.66   Rate is 3.8, 
     So that the local amount is RM 5972.308
     But our system round up to RM 5972.31
     When click save button, system will take the local amount / foreign amount
     New fc rate = RM 5972.31 / 1571.66 = 3.80000127

Question 97. In Windows 7 - .DBC internal consistency database error during enter transaction ?

         Windows is trying to virtualize files that get written to. In the case of DBC/DCT/DCX, 
         VFP is always writing to all three files so they're not all getting virtualized together. 
         It won't take long for them to get out of synch.  XP mode bypasses virtualization.     
         set running the sinv.exe as XP compatible mode. 
         or another way is 

         Because of the virtualization, files are stored on multiple locations (every user account has its own virtualization folder), 
         which makes it hard to handle them (the incoming folder of the file sharing software eMule is a good example). 
         Is the virtualization unwanted because the files (and settings) have to be applied to all user accounts? 
         This can be realized by giving all user accounts permissions to fully control all the files in the folder which else 
         will be virtualized. Right click the folder and select Properties, tab Security, select Users and set the permissions 
         to Full Control. If this procedure is too much work, the application can be run as administrator as well. 
         This is done automatically by right clicking the shortcut and to chose for Properties, tab Shortcut, button Advanced.

Question 1 Answer:
To register the security key to your window 95/98/ME

(a) Please plug in the security key to the local parallel port.
(b) Click the Register Security key icon
(c) Restart window 95/98/ME

Note: For demo set no need to do the register.

Question 2 Answer:
Install net security key (red colour) in window NT Server/ Window 95/98/ME

To register the security key to your window NT/ Window 95/98/ME/2000,

(a) Please plug in the security key (red colour) to the local parallel port.
(b) Plaese doucle click the LMSETUP.EXE under \emas\acc directory and follow the instruction (you can copy from \mal_ver\utility\)
(c) You have to copy the following file to the individual windows 95/98/2000/ME workstation under \window\system\, (the files you can copy from \windows\system\ subdirectory):-

Copy all the file, the file name start with vfp*.*

Note: For demo set no need to do the register, no need nethasp licensed manager. Your network server must install network card, the nethasp license manager cannot run without network card.

Run program in workstation, the haspkey logo disappear in server, how to solve?

Set in the ip address for tcp/ip protocol.


Every computer must have a difference ip address (server and workstation)

Question 3 Answer:
(1) Copy the MIM.EXE file from \utility\mim.exe to \emas subdirectory
Note: \emas subdirectory not \emas\acc subdirectory
(2) Create a shorcut to call this mim.exe file
(3) You can click the add button to add a new company

Question 4 Answer:
For the main menu, use the ctrl key + the menu option
e.g. Maintenance

You can press Ctrl + 'M'

For the inside individual form, you can use alt key + the menu option

New Alt + 'N'
More Alt + 'M'
Save Alt + 'S'
Exit Alt + 'X' or press ESC key
Cancel Alt + 'C'
List Alt + 'L'
Print Alt + 'P'
First Alt + 'F'
Last Alt + 'A'
Prior Alt + 'R'
Next Alt + 'E'

Note: Alt + 'X' can be use for all the form to exit.

F2 key - Lookup

e.g. if you want list out account no. start from 3000, key in 3000 and press F2 key.

Question 5 Answer:
(1) Delete payment transaction, you want to call back all the applied invoice.

When you delete the payment transaction, you have to unapplied all the applied invoice (mean key in zero amount in all applied invoice), or run delete unwanted transaction if you don't unapplied all the applied invoice.

Note: for the program dated before 04/08/1998, after run delete unwanted transaction, you have to run data recovery after power failure.

(2) Change applied invoice. (mean applied wrong invoice no.)

Procedure for change applied invoice:-

(a) Go to applied invoice screen, please change the applied amount to zero
(b) After exit the applied invoice screen, go back to the applied invoice screen again, (go to the credit field and press enter) the system will automatically list out all the unapplied invoice.

Question 6 Answer:
Type install

Question 7 Answer:

How do I enable long file name support for the workstation on a servers volume?

Novell 3.12 to 4.10

1. Load os2.nam
2. At the console prompt, ADD NAME SPACE OS2 TO VOLUME <VOLNAME>
3. Reboot workstation and test
4. Place the "LOAD OS2" in the startup.ncf file

Novell 4.11 and above

1. Load long.nam
2. At the console prompt, ADD NAME SPACE LONG TO VOLUME <VOLNAME>
3. Reboot workstation and test
4. Place the "LOAD LONG" in the startup.ncf file


To add Long filename on Netware 4.11 to support window 95 and os/2

1. At the console prompt, type LOAD LONG.NAM
2. At the console prompt, type ADD NAME SPACE LONG TO VOLUME (VOLUME NAME)


Note: You only need to add the name space once per volume. Long name space is now added to the volume. You do not need to dismount and remount the volume, or reboot the server, Long name space has been added on the fly.

Question 8 Answer:

For Window XP and Vista

   Please go to my computer (windows desptop), select the printer option
   go to the paper size - select the custom.

       Enter the sizes : width  850      select 0.01 inch
                         length 550

   Go to the housekeeping, format setup, official receipt - select the file
   option - paper size - custom, change the papersize at as follow :

       Enter the sizes : width  850      select 0.01 inch
                         length 550

   Print the official receipt, if done, please remember go back to my
   computer - select the default printer - change back the papersize
   to original.

   For 3 official receipt in 1 piece of paper
       width : 850   select 0.01 inch
      length : 366
   For window NT 2000, window XP, please custom your page format first
       Control Panel, select printer, menu File, Server Property, make new
       (Note : you have to modify the existing form, after modify, change the
               form name than click save button)
   For windows Vista,
       Control Panel, add printer, move your mouse to blank screen right click,
       select run as administrator - server properties, tick create new form
                       Tick English
       Width : 8.50in
       Lenght: 5.50in          


Question 9 Answer:

Yes, of course.


For UBS Ver. 8.1, before upgrade, please go to UBS data directory do the following command

c:\ubsacc\data copy glmemo2.mem glmemof.mem

For UBS Ver. 8.2 and above, before upgrade, please copy the glmemof.mem to UBS data directory.

glmemof.mem file you can get it from \mal_ver\utility\ubs\

Procedure to transfer the data:-

(1) Copy the file called upgrade.exe from the \utility subdirectory to \emas\acc\data subdirectory.
(2) Run the upgrade.exe
(3) From the menu, select upgrade - transfer data
Enter the ubs data subdirectory : \ubs
(4) Modify gltemp file
Some of the billtype transfer from ubs data, is not correct, you have to manually change it. If the row is present red colour.
e.g. billtype 'Z' - change to either - IN, DN, CN, GJ, PV, RV, RC
(5) Upgrade the data
(6) Done

Question 10 Answer:
Yes, of course.

Procedure to transfer the data:-

(1) Copy the file called upgrades.exe from the \utility subdirectory to \emas\acc\data
(2) Copy the file called dbstru.exe from \utility subdirectory to \ ubs\stock directory
(3) Run the dbstru.exe program, this program will auto update the ubs stock data to the latest version (6.2i)
(4) Go to the \emas\acc\data subdirectory and run the upgrades.exe
(5) Enter the \ubs\stock directory path
(6) Done

Question 11 Answer:

In the bill format, double click the user defined field, go to property, set the following setting,


For 2 decimal places - user defined field A


For 3 decimal places - user defined field A


Note: user defined field b - ictran.dfield7; user defined field c - ictran.dfield8

Question 12 Answer:
(a) Go to report - variable, add in the new variable
e.g. mttludf - user defined field A

value to store Calculate
ictran.dfield6 click the sum option
Initial value  

Tick the - Release after the report button
Reset at - icmast.type+icmast.entry

(b) Click the field option - under report control toolbar

Under expression: tran(mttludf, gamt)

stock received, issue, delivery order, invoice, cash sales, debit note, credit note
ictran.dfield6 - for user defined field A
ictran.dfield7 - for user defined field B

sales order
icsotr.dfield6 - for user defined field A
icsotr.dfield7 - for user defined field B

purchase order
icpotr.dfield6 - for user defined field A
icpotr.dfield7 - for user defined field B

icfmtr.dfield6 - for user defined field A
icfmtr.dfield7 - for user defined field B

gamt - amount
gprice - price
gqty - quantity

Question 13 Answer:

Question 14 Answer:
Install EMAS - Payroll System, your problem will fixed.

Question 15 Answer:
Please check the following posibilities:-

(1) Check your debtor control A/C in customer maintenance
(2) Check your creditor control A/C in creditor maintenance
(3) Debtor and creditor A/C range in housekeeping setup
(4) Any blank record exist in debtor or creditor maintenance
(5) Do you have any main group setting?
(6) Do you have any other debtor?

Question 16 Answer:
Yes, of course.

Procedure to transfer the data:-

(1) Copy the file called upgrades.exe from the \utility subdirectory to \emas\acc\data
(2) Go to the \emas\acc\data subdirectory ans run the upgrades.exe
(3) Please tick the invoicing option
(4) Enter the \ubs\invoicing directory path
(5) Done

Question 17 Answer:
(1) You have to key in the Fixed Assets and the depreciation A/C in the Fixed Assets maintenance.
(2) For all the Fixed Assets account cannot have main group account

Question 18 Answer:

If all your customer using open item method, of course, both report will be same, but if some customer is using balance forward method, the both report got difference is normal, because knock off - aging report for knock off customer only, not including balance forward customer.


Please double check your opening balance -
Both report must be the same balance

(1) General Report (2) - opening balance
(2) Maintain knock off bill

Question 19 Answer:
On Hand
Onhand (item_no, location, shelf no, date, alias)
onhand(icitem.item_no, "", "", "", "icitem")

Unit Cost
getucost (item_no, type, entry, alias, date)
getucost(ictran.item_no, "", "", "ictran", "")

Outstanding order (SO or PO)
onpo (item_no, location, shelf, alias)

for SO - alias == "icsotr"; po - alias == "icpotr"

onpo1 (ictran.item_no, ictran.location, ictran.bin, "icsotr")

Question 20 Answer:
User id : emas
Password : emas

Question 21 Answer:
Restart the computer and try again or use other com port

Question 22 Answer:
You have to use the following format YYYYMMDD

20000118 for date 18/01/2000

Question 23 Answer:
Please double check your customer is it foreign customer?
In maintain knock off bills - if your customer is foreign customer, you must key in the foreign currency rate, foreign currency amount, otherwise the balance cannot come out.

Question 24 Answer:
No, you have to create another customer code, cannot use the same customer code.

Question 25 Answer:
If your program is 2in1, you have to change the account code in Inventory program, because change account code in Inventory program, it will automatically change the accounting also, but if you change in accounting, it will only change accounting account code only.

Question 26 Answer:
When the time you do the year end, our system is based on transaction date do year end, not pdc cheque date, so that, even though, the cheque not yet clear, after year end, all the pdc cheque will considered clear.

Note: You can list the pdc cheque from mark last year bank reconciliation statement.

Question 27 Answer:
The balance = Account balance + Unpost transaction (Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Cash Sales) + Uninvoice D/O + S/Order (if set to 'Y' option in setup) + Current Amount you enter

Question 28 Answer:
Your program must be version 2000L, and use the following function:-

getagent ("arcust.agent")

getarea ("arcust.area")

Question 29 Answer:
getfield (item_no, field to get, file to search, select file when return)

e.g.getfield (icbilltr.item_no, "icitem.minimum", "icitem", "icbilltr")

Question 30 Answer:
Currently available program as at follow:-
(Mal_ver & pre_release version)

(1) Invoicing System
(2) Accounting System
(3) Inventory System
(4) Export Inventory System
(5) POS
(6) Report Writer
(7) Payroll

Install the software as normal

(1) Install the software as normal
(2) After run the program, all the file are generated, delete the data and reports directory
(3) Under \emas\acc\ directory, edit the file called acc.ini, key in the following statement

(Server drive and directory name)

Note: You have install the workstation one by one, do the above step.

Good Point: Run the program faster, because only pool the data over not program exe file.

Bad Point: When you upgrade the program, you have upgrade one by one for all the workstation, after upgrade you have remember to delete the data and reports directory and edit the acc.ini file.

Question 31 Answer:
Copy the chklimit.exe file to \emas\acc\data\ and run it.
chklimit 3000/A01
The system will auto generate a chklimit.txt file for you to analyze.

Question 32 Answer:
getdesc (icmast.hjob, "glproj", "J")

Question 33 Answer:
Yes, you can do it.

Please copy the lmsetup.exe file under \mal_ver\utility\ directory to the window NT Server and run it, it will auto install the driver and license manager to the NT server, with this lmsetup.exe, you can install the nethasp license manager window NT service. As a service the nethasp license manager launches before logon and continues to run after logout.

Note: Your network server must install network card.

Question 34 Answer:
(1) Go to report variable add in the following variable:-

calculation: tick sum

(2) add a data grouping

(3) Double click the group header - grey bar
Under on entry key in:

htotal (icmast.n_amt)

(4) In report writer page footer put in the following variable


(5) Done

Note: For grandtotal variable is hhvalue1, add a variable called hhvalue1 calculation: tick sum

Question 35 Answer:
In oeder to display JPG images that are stored in EMAS Inventory System, there must be an OLE server for JPG files installed on the computer.

This OLE server provides information about the file being linked or embeded. This information tells EMAS Software how to display the file.

One example of an OLE server for JPG files is the Microsoft Photo Editor, which is included in the Microsoft Office CD's.

Note: The maximum for foxpro database to hold the picture image is 2GB.

Question 36 Answer:
Knock off Bill Statement
For month 4 = tran(mmth4+mmth5+mmth6+mmth7+mmth8+mmth9+mmth10+mmth11, gamt)

Balance Forward Statement
For month 4 = tran(mage4+mage5+mage6+mage7+mage8+mage9+mage10+mage11, gamt)

When print the statement, please select 12 months aging, not 6 months.

Question 37 Answer:
getproj (ictran.dsource, "P")

Question 38 Answer:
mtmprw.mtdamt1    mtmprw.mtdamt2    ......

Question 39 Answer:

This month : getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "T")
Last month : getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "L")
Year to date : getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "Y")
Year to date opening balance : getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "YO")
Last month opening balance : getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "LO")

Note: 30100000 is the bank a/c no.

Go to report variable, add in a variable


value to store: 0    calculate: sum
Initial value: getfbal ("3010000", mdate, "T")
release after report: tick
reset at: end of report

For consolidate financial statement:-

1st company
getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "T", "1")
getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "L", "1")
getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "Y", "1")

2nd company
getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "T", "2")
getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "L", "2")
getfbal ("30100000", mdate, "Y", "2")

Question 40 Answer:
copy /b filename lpt1

copy /b emas.txt lpt1

Question 41 Answer:
Do you set the main group to yourself?

50000000 is the main a/c, under main group please leave it blank.
For a/c 50000A01, 50000A02 the main group is 50000000.

Question 42 Answer:
onhand (icsotr.item_no, "", "", "", "mtmptable")

onhand (icpotr.item_no, "", "", "", "mtmptable")

Question 43 Answer:
Closing Stock = current month closing stock - last month closing stock

Question 44 Answer:
(1) Double click the bal field
(2) Go to print when, change it to mtmptable.bal#0 .or. ! empty (mtmptable.type)

Question 45 Answer:
(1) Go to \emas\acc\ folder
(2) delete the selelock.dbf file
(3) restart program (select the correct program)


Go to command (ms dos) prompt
type in the following command

regsvr32 dzactx.dll /s
regsvr32 duzactx.dll /s
regsvr32 dzstactx.dll /s

Question 46 Answer:
(1) save as dbf type file when you are in excel let say item.dbf
(2) copy the item.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use item
(5) modi stru excl
change the field name same to emas item master file
(6) inde on item_no to abc unique
(7) copy to abc
(8) use icitem
(9) appe from abc
(10) quit

Question 47 Answer:
Item Master File
(1) rename the icitem.dbf (if the item is store in this file)
(2) copy item.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use item excl
(5) modi stru
(6) change the field name as at follow:
item_no  c(16)
desc1  c(40)
desc2  c(40)
group  c(8)
cat  c(8)
u_measure  c(6)
s_price  n(16,6)
price_b  n(16,6)

(7) index on item_no to abc unique
(8) copy to abc
(9) use icitem
(10) appe from abc
(11) repl all stock with "Y"
(12) quit

Group Master File
(1) rename the icgroup.dbf file to group.dbf
(2) copy group.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use group excl
(5) modi stru
(6) change the field name as at follow:
group  c(8)
desc  c(40)
(7) index on group to abc unique
(8) copy to abc
(9) use icgroup
(10) appe from abc
(11) quit

Category Master File
(1) rename the iccate.dbf file to cat.dbf
(2) copy cat.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use cat excl
(5) modi stru
(6) change the field name as at follow:
code  c(8)
desc  c(40)
(7) index on code to abc unique
(8) copy to abc
(9) use iccat
(10) appe from abc
(11) quit

Question 48 Answer:
Please install the Generic/ Text Printer Driver and set this printer as a default printer.

Question 49 Answer:
left (month1, 3) + "'" + right (month1, 4)

Question 50 Answer:
Please go to boss setup: "N" - appear on S/O or on P/O when enter RE, IN, DO transaction.

Question 51 Answer:
matrix qty 1: mmtriq1
matrix qty 2: mmtriq2

Question 52 Answer:
Code be index file corrupted, quit all the users and run indexstk to rebuild the index file.

Note: indexstk for inventory program
  indexinv for invoicing program
  indexacc for accounting program


Question 53 Answer:
run foxcmd
LOCATE FOR objtype = 1 AND objcode = 53

Question 54 Answer:
Chart of A/C
(1) rename the gldata.dbf file to data.dbf
(2) copy data.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use data excl
(5) modi stru
(6) change the field name as at follow:

accno c(8)
desp c(40)
desp2 c(40)
acctype c(1)
cat c(8)
dept c(6)
currcode c(4)

(7) use gldata
(8) appe from data
(9) quit

Customer File
(1) rename the arcust.dbf file to cust.dbf
(2) copy cust.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use cust excl
(5) modi stru
(6) change the field name as at follow:

custno c(8)
name c(40)
name2 c(40)
add1 c(35)
add2 c(35)
add3 c(35)
add4 c(35)
attn c(35)
contact c(15)
phone c(15)
phonea c(15)
term c(12)
area c(12)
agent c(12)
fax c(15)
business c(15)
daddr1 c(35)
daddr2 c(35)
daddr3 c(35)
daddr4 c(35)
currency c(4)
currency1 c(15)
currcode c(4)
autopay c(1)

(7) use arcust
(8) appe from cust
(9) repl all control with "30000000"
(10) repl all autopay with "0"
(11) quit

Supplier File
(1) rename the apvend.dbf file to vend.dbf
(2) copy vend.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use vend excl
(5) modi stru
(6) change the field name as at follow:

custno c(8)
name c(40)
name2 c(40)
add1 c(35)
add2 c(35)
add3 c(35)
add4 c(35)
attn c(35)
contact c(15)
phone c(15)
phonea c(15)
term c(12)
area c(12)
agent c(12)
fax c(15)
business c(15)
daddr1 c(35)
daddr1 c(35)
daddr3 c(35)
daddr4 c(35)
currency c(4)
currency1 c(15)
currcode c(4)
autopay c(1)

(7) use apvend
(8) appe from vend
(9) repl all control with "40000000"
(10) repl all autopay with "0"
(11) quit

Question 55 Answer:
You can get this file from \emas\acc\data\ subdirectory

the following is structure for glpost9.dbf file

Field Name Data Type Length Dec Remark

Not Blank

accno Character 8   e.g. 3000/A01, 5000/000


ref1 Character 8   Document No.  
ref2 Character 8   2nd document No.  
date Date 8   Document Date Y
desc1 Character 25   A/C Description  
desc2 Character 25   2nd A/C Description  
debitamt Numeric 17 2 Document Amount  
creditamt Numeric 17 2 Document Amount  
drfcamt Numeric 17 2 Doc. Amt. (foreign curr)  
crfcamt Numeric 17 2 Doc. Amt. (foreign curr)  
fcrate Numeric 11 6 Foreign Currency Rate  
knockaff Character 8   Unique no. any number but cannot duplicate Y
dtpdc Date 8   Document date - is a post dated cheque date but in invoice should same to document date Y
billtype Character 2   e.g.
IN - Invoice
DN - Debit Note
CN - Credit Note
IN - Cash Sales
RV - Official Receipt
batchno Character 4      
tranno Numeric 4      
fcamt numeric 17 2    
age Numeric 2      
source Character 4      
job Character 4      
agent Character 12      
paid Character 1      
for1 Character 40      
for2 Character 40      
chequeno Character 2      
mark logical 1      
fail Character 1      
user Character 10      
markpdc Character 1      

For foreign currency amount and foreign currency rate should enter zero is no foreign currency.

How to export data (other software) to glpost9.txt file?

You have an invoice
e.g. 01/01/2004 Inv 00001  Amount: 100.00  Debtor code: 30000001   Name: ABC Company  Sales A/C: 50000000   Description: Sales A/C   Currency: RM

The glpost9.txt file as at follow

"30000001","Inv 00001","","01/01/2004","Sales A/C","",100.00,,,,,"00001","01/01/2004","IN"
"50000000","Inv 00001","","01/01/2004","ABC Company","",,100.00,,,,"00002","01/01/2004","IN"

You have a payment
e.g. 31/01/2004 Receipt No.: OR0001  Payment Amount 100.00   Debtor Code: 30000001   Name: ABC Company   bank A/C 30100000  Description: Bank A/C   Currency: RM

"30000001","OR0001","","31/01/2004","Bank A/c","",,100.00,,,,"00003","31/01/2004","RV"
"30100000","OR0001","","31/01/2004","ABC Company","",100.00,,,,,"00004","31/01/2004","RV"

Question 56 Answer:
Single Version
(1) Plug the dongle to local parallel port
(2) Go to Start - Program - Emas Software
(3) Click the install rockey driver

Network Version
(1) Plug the dongle to server parallel port
(2) Go to Start - Program - Emas Software
(3) Click the install rockey driver
(4) Click the install rockey net service
(5) In server, please install fixed IP address for TCP/IP protocol e.g.

Restart the server

In Workstation
(1) Install EMAS program, delete the data, reports and export folder (Client Server basic)
(2) Edit the acc.ini file
e.g. key in \\servername\sharename\emas\acc\ by this way, no need to do mapping.

(3) copy the client configuration file (clicfg.ini) from \mal_ver\utility\ folder to \emas\acc folder

Note: If still cannot work, edit the clicfg.ini file, change the searchflag = 2 (semi-automatic mode)   searchlist =


Question 57 Answer:

Question 58 Answer:
(1) save as dbf type file when you are in excel let say abcde.dbf
(2) copy the abcde.dbf file to \emas\acc\data
(3) run foxcmd
(4) use abcde
(5) modi stru excl
change the field name same to emas item udf (icitemex.dbf) file
(6) inde on item_no to abc unique
(7) sopy to abc
(8) use icitemex
(9) appe from abc
(10) quit

Question 59 Answer:
Total length is 13

but system only capture start from 2nd digit up to 6 digit as item no., the rest is price (capture 5 digit only)

Note: first digit and last digit will not capture.

Question 60 Answer:
tran (mmth3+mmth4+mmth5+mmth6+mmth7+mmth8+mmth9+mmth10+mmth11, gamt)

Question 61 Answer:
mpjdesc1, mpjdesc2....

Question 62 Answer:
When the message show apvend.fpt files is missing when run index,

run foxcmd
use apvend
copy to abc
use abc

*Conform the abc table is ok.

delete the apvend.dbf, apvend.frt
rename the abc.dbf to apvend.dbf
reanme the abc.fpt to apvend.fpt

Question 63 Answer:
getgldes (voumast.accno2)

Question 64 Answer:
If foreign currency based on month option = "N"

Last year amount = balance local currency
This year amount = balance foreign currency * unrealized currency rate

If foreign currency based on month option = "Y"

Last year amount = balance foreign currency * month currency rate
This year amount = balance foreign currency * unrealized currency rate

For A/C balance is debit balance else reverse

If this year amount > last year amount

credit unrealized A/C  Debit G/L A/C

If this year amount < last year amount

Debit unrealized A/C   Credit G/L A/C

Question 65 Answer:
Project code: glpost.source
Project Description: getproj(glpost.source, "P")

Job code: glpost.job
Job Description: getproj(glpost.job,"J")

Question 66 Answer:

Form Name Description
main13c item master file
customer debtor maintenance file
creditor creditor maintenance file
main13a group
main13b category
main13dt department
main13h opening balance
main13f selling price maintenance
main13g purchase price maintenance
main14a bill of material
main14b miscellaneous charges
main14c location code
main14s shelf code
project maintain project title
moredesc moredesc
ship ship to address
currency foreign currency
main15a reorder qty by location
agent agent
area area
main23a inquiry selling price (item + customer)
main23b inquiry selling price (customer + item)
main23c inquiry purchase price (item + vendor)
main23d inquiry purchase price (vendor + item)
main23e inquiry stock item
main23f inquiry month to date item status
main23q inquiry stock card


Question 67 Answer:
Yes, under report format 2

getinvst (minv_no1)
getinvst (minv_no2)

Question 68 Answer:

Code Description
1 No parallel port on the computer
2 No driver installed
3 No rockey4 dongle
4 Rockey4 dongle found, but base password is incorrect
5 Wrong password or rockey4 hid
6 Set rockey 4 HID wrong
7 Read/Write address is wrong
8 No such command
9 Inside error
10 Read error
11 Write error
12 Random error
13 Seed code error
14 Calculate error
15 Ry_open must precede this operation
16 Too many open dongles > 16
17 No more dongle
18 No find before findnext
19 Decrease error
20 Arithmetic instruction error
21 Arithmetic operator error
22 a constant, cannot be in the first instruction
23 a constant, cannot be in the last instruction
24 Const number > 63
1001 A module can only be opened once by the same prcess
1002 Network error
1003 Too many users are logged on
1004 Invalid handle, this handle might have been closed
1005 Defective hardware
1006 Client dll modified, service refused request
1007 nrsvr.exe modified, service is invalid

Below are network error codes

2001 Error when initializing
2002 No such protocol
2003 UDP error when creating socket
2004 UDP error when setting broadcast
2005 UDF error when binding
2006 Server call back null
2007 TCP error when creating socket
2008 TCP error when binding
2009 TCP error when listening
2010 No such search mode
2012 UDP error when sending
2013 UDP timeout error when waiting
2014 UDP error when receiving
2015 TCP error when connecting to server
2016 TCP time out error when sending
2017 TCP error when sending
2018 TCP time out error when receiving
2019 TCP error when receiving
2020 IPX error when creating socket
2021 IPX error when setting broadcast
2022 IPX error when sending data
2023 IPX error when receiving data
2024 IPX error when binding
2025 Netbios error when initializing
2026 Netbios error when adding name
2027 Netbios error when sending data
2028 Netbios error when receiving data


Question 69 Answer:
Windows XP SP2
My network places - properties - select local area connection - properties - click the setting - Under General Tap - Don't tick - "don't allow exception", option, Under the "exception" tab, click add program, select the \emas\acc\nrsvr.exe.

nrsvr.exe is for rockey dongle
nhsrvw32.exe is for hasp dongle


Click the add port button

Name: Rockey
Port No: 3152

Window XP SP1
My network places - properties - select local area connection - properties - click the setting - Add in the Nrsvr.exe service and the port 3152.

For HASP (red) dongle installation in windows xp, you need copy the lmsetup.exe (utilitiy) to \acc\ folder and run it (select the service not application), with this exe file it will auto install the driver, create a service to the startup.

Confirm your filesize before run the lmsetup.exe

hdd32 file size =2 651 813 bytes
nhsrvw32.exe file size = 519 680 bytes
lmsetup.exe file size = 3 384 435 bytes


Question 70 Answer:
ondo(Customer no)

e.g. ondo(icmast.code)


 Question 71 Answer:


Question 72 Answer:
a) Item No,Description1
b) Item No,Qty


Question 73 Answer:
Saccsfrm is control permission
Saccsmnu is menu permission


Question 74 Answer:
If your chinese input is Chinese (PRC), Under your regional and
languages options - advanced tabs - Language for non-unicode programs
need set to Chinese (PRC)


Question 75 Answer:


Question 76 Answer:



Question 77 Answer:

1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Hardware tab.
3. Click Device Manager.
4. Click the plus sign (+) next to the Disk Drives branch to expand it.
5. Right-click the drive on which you want to enable or disable disk
write caching, and then click Properties.
6. Click the Disk Properties tab.
7. Click to select or clear the Write Cache Enabled check box as
8. Click OK.
NOTE: Enabling write caching generates the following warning.
This is normal: By enabling write caching, file system corruption
and/or data loss could occur if the machine experiences a power,
device or system failure and cannot be shutdown properly.>>Top

Question 77 Answer:

Download enableport3152.bat from ftp \utility\rockey_driver\
Paste it to your windows xp pc, just run it. It will auto configure our rockey to windows xp firewall. >>Top

Question 80 Answer:

Ans: Go \emas\acc\ folder, just click the enableport3152.bat file.>>Top

Question 81 Answer:

Go \emas\acc\ folder, just highlight the enableportvista.bat file
    right click run as administrator. >>Top

Question 82 Answer

                                        Date             Price      Qty    Total Cost
    Ans: E.g. stock received  01/01/2007     2.00      10     20.00
              stock received      15/01/2007     3.00     10     30.00
                                                                        -------  -------
                                                                         20     50.00
              moving average cost = 50.00 /20 =2.50
              invoice                 15/01/2007    10.00      15     37.50 (2.50*15 qty)
              invoice                 16/01/2007    10.00       5     12.50 (2.50*5 qty)
              (able negative stock value)
              invoice                 17/01/2007    10.00       2      6.00 (3 * 2qty)
              if stock on hand is negative value, than system will that the most
              recent cost as a unit cost, RM 3.00
              Most recent cost is not the actual cost, system take this as temporary
              cost. >>Top

Question 82 Answer

                                            Date            Price      Qty     Total Cost
    Ans: E.g.  Stock received  01/01/2007      2        10     20.00
                   Stock received  01/02/2007      3        10     30.00
                   Invoice         15/01/2007    10.00       5       10.00=(2 * 5 qty)
                   Invoice         15/02/2007    10.00       5       15.00=(3 * 5 qty)>>Top



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