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Avoid Bank Account Problems!

Well-run businesses place great emphasis on the management of their bank accounts; ensuring that cash flow is in order and that sufficient funds are available when payments are to be paid. E.M.A.S. Bank Book System is an easy-to-use software that helps businesses achieve these goals.

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          Key Features:

           -  System generates an alert if a bank  account balance is below a pre-defined
          - Update of bank balance automatically upon issuing a cheque.
          - Controls cheque clearing date.
          - Manages holding of cheques, cheque cancellation, cheque returns and post
             dated cheques.
          - System provides an estimate of bank account balances for the future 6               months based on total cheques received and cheques issued.
                     - No accounting or book keeping knowledge required to use this software.

           Reports Generated:

          - Bank Code Listing

         - Cheques Received Listing

          - Cheques Issues Listing

          - Print Bank Balance

          - Total Cheques Received

          - Total Cheques Return

          - Total Cheques Cancelled

          - Total Cheques Hold

          - Total Cheques Issued

          - Print Cheques

          - Bank Charges Listing

          - List Unclear Cheque

          - Bill Check List

          - Check Transaction

          - Print Bank Reconciliation Statement


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