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EMAS.net is a web-based extension to the EMAS Accounting & Inventory systems. It provides useful information and tools for employees and customers over the Internet to help improve the levels of productivity and customer service of your business.


Internet Capability EMAS.net allows access to real-time accounting information from any location at any time via the Internet.

Customer Information Retrieval Customer records are available to designated employees via the Internet, allowing them to query customer information even if they are out of the office.

Item and Stock Information Customers and mobile employees will be able to query item information including selling price. Current stock levels will also be visible to users with the necessary security permissions.

Sales Order Entry Employees and customers have the flexibility of placing sales orders through EMAS.net. This is directly linked to the accounting system, therefore avoiding duplication of data entry.

Bills Enquiry Information on bills is queried from EMAS accounting system and can be viewed over the web.

Payments Enquiry Information on payments & credits are taken directly from EMAS accounting system and can be viewed over the web.

Statement of Account Customer’s Statement of Account can be viewed through EMAS.net.
Documents Viewing Documents such as Delivery Orders, Invoices, Debit Notes and Credit Notes can be viewed and printed over the web.

Ease of Use EMAS.net was designed with a user-friendly interface to allow users to master the system with minimal training. Users like a company’s sales person are not required to be trained in the functions of a complex accounting system to be able to use EMAS.net.

Security EMAS.net features many levels of security access; allowing users to only view information that is designated to them. Sales staff will only view related customer information and customers will only view their own bills etc. User access can be restricted as permissions to specific information can be defined.

>>Increased convenience for customers – Customers have access to critical information from any location at any time of the day via the web. For businesses with international customers, they will be able to access information regardless of the time difference. Outstation customers need not make long-distance calls to check on their bills etc.

>> Increased customer service & satisfaction – Customers will be able to access their previous transactions using EMAS.net. Regular customers who are familiar with the ordering process can view product specifications and stock levels over the Internet. They can even place orders online. They will have a copy of important documents and can have them printed if necessary.

>>Increased productivity for internal employees – Employees will have access to critical information even when they are out of the office. For example, a mobile sales person will be able to retrieve customer information and view information on past transactions. This translates to increased productivity and reduces the cases of missed opportunities due to the lack of information at their fingertips.

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