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Manage Payment & Receive Voucher

Payment Voucher & Receive Voucher System is used for issuing payment & receives payment. Management needs to approve the payment for release after issue payment voucher to get control of cash flow.
Payment Voucher & Receive Voucher is design in such a way no booking knowledge can operate the system and the accounting can be updated.

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 Points To Highlight:
- Unpaid Bill automatic prompt out for apply upon issuing receive voucher.
- No Booking Knowledge can be operated.
- Management can control approve of payment voucher.
- Approved Payment Voucher is updated to accounting.
- Payment Voucher & Receive Voucher format can design.
- System provides job assignment.
- System tracking - which issue the payment voucher or receive Voucher.

 Reports Generated:
- Multi format Official Receipt
- Multi format Other Official Receipt
- Multi format Credit Note for Debtor & Creditor
- Approval Payment Voucher
- Print Other Official Receipt
- Print Other Payment Voucher
- Print Journal Voucher
- Credit Note for debtor & creditors
- Check Transaction
- Total Receipt & Payment & Journal
- Bill Check List
- Transaction audit trail
- List unapplied payment for debtors & creditors



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