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Fast And Reliable Data Collection

Achieve Better Decision Making

Provide Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Updates


Improve Your Business Performance

MIM NL2006 Inventory System is a powerful yet flexible inventory management system. MIM Inventory is highly scalable and adaptable to a wide range of businesses. It features intelligent inventory tracking functions, providing analytical reports to assist your decision-making.

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Key Features

  • Print Preview search capabilities
  • Business and product performance reports
  • Multiple inter-convertible units of measurement
  • Multiple user-defined fields that accommodate text values, numeric values and even formulas.
  • Bill of Materials
  • Barcode Management
  • Intelligent Report Designer
  • Flexible Price Schedule
  • Multiple Stock Evaluation methods
  • Stock Ledger Card
  • All reports can be exported to MS Excel, MS Word, .bmp, .pdf and .txt files that can be emailed directly from the system.

The intelligent functions built into the system will enable business owners to analyses sales performance for different products, locations, customers and sales representatives. Users will also be able to establish an overview of customer and vendor performance and movement of stock.

Link Data from Multiple Locations through the Internet (Optional)

MIM NL2006 Inventory System allows the synchronisation of data from various locations over the Internet. Branch data is automatically encrypted and sent securely to the head quarters and vice-versa. This is essential for businesses that operate multiple branches

Improve Customer Service.

MIM NL2006 Inventory System helps improve customer service through better management of delivery times (speed), easy manipulation of data; allowing customers to have the flexibility of making changes to orders (flexibility) and more accurate stock info, reduces out of stock cases (dependability).

Improve Stock Management

MIM Inventory System helps you with the balancing act:

Faster information means you can respond/adjust stock faster and more accurately

Up to date stock balance means there is less uncertainty, so stock need not be so high.

Features and Benefits

Methods of Searching for Inventory Items
Find inventory by part number, description, supplier, main and sub category lookup and numerous other search options. The normal and best way to find an inventory item is by part no. All programs on the market can do this. However, Windward System Five will also let you search by other methods such as Supplier's Part Number, or the description, or just part of the description.
Auto search second item code if the item has 2 codes number.

Related Product or Alternate parts (superseded parts)

Credit Limit and Overdue control

Include PDC to calculate credit limit,

Auto lock if over term or over credit limit,

Control Credit Limit by A group of subsidiary

Sales Order Control Credit Limit

Show Payment Due date in the Invoice

Unpaid bills and overdue amounts as well as overdue dates will be shown on the AR report in MIM NL Accounting.

FOC Quantity

Multiple Level Discount

Auto Post to Account after print Bill

Option to Show Cost Price When Selling Price is below Cost.

Control Selling Price

Alert when selling price is below net price or cost price

Password required to bypass alert


Control if Bills can be modified

Hide Cost or Selling Price

Cannot Modify yesterday Bill

Lock Month

Reprint = need password

Delete bill, delete item and edit invoice or bill need password

Fields can be displayed, hidden or disabled according to different User Security Settings


Location Quantity On hand upon lookup of the location

Approve SO and PO

Foreign Currency

User Define Fields and User Define Formula


Pre-set item

Assemble and dismantle

4 sets running Bill Number

Suspend item

Secret code for cost

Report and Inquiry

Partial Delivery

Option to prevent unit price and amount being modified while issuing invoice, DO, SO, CN, DN, Cash Sales, PO, GRN.

Arrange Inquiry fields.

Option to key in cost while entering service items.

Commission is calculated based on Invoice date and Invoice Term.

Option to Show Moving Average Cost when entering transaction

Which item is cheaper cost


Different reports can be merge into one report and can be viewed on screen, send through email and print to printer.



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