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In the development of MIM NL2006 Version Accounting software, our goal was to establish a long-lasting relationship with each of our clients. Before creating our suite of accounting software, we analyzed the needs of a wide variety of businesses which allowed us to develop an accounting software that would meet the needs of growing businesses and matured businesses alike.

All MIM NL2006 Version Accounting products have a common user interface. A user can learn one of our packages and feel at ease using any of the other products in our suite. This compatibility is complete: the fields to create clients, suppliers or products are similar in all of our programs. Data created in one system can later be transferred to another system. This compatibility allows the client to upgrade easily without compromising data integrity.

At MIM NL2006 Version Accounting we believe we are the right choice for companies in search of accounting software that will meet their needs for years to come.

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Features and Benefits

Alphanumeric Chart of Accounts

Multiple Departments

Multi Locations

Project and Job Code

Links to Customer and Supplier Email, Skype and Websites

Knock off Bill

Able show more line of information while enter transaction

Grid Form can be enlarged

Multiple entries per payment voucher or per official receipt

Able to search strings by applying various filters

Searching in previewed report

Option to save all reports to Word, Excel, .html, .pdf, and .bmp file s

Option to email reports

Users are able changes the types of fonts on reports

Built-in Charting Engine

Able to preview report with graphical elements

Allow applied invoice with payment amount

Can export/import particular financial report setting

Option that will make system automatically prompt for a change of password based on a defined period

Financial Report Writer

Print Cheque, Payment Voucher and official receipt

Audit Trail

Create Budget

Bank Reconciliation

Multi Currency

Multi level Security control Menu, field and control

Financial Statement Designer

And more.......


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