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Flexible Human Resource Information System

Evaluate Employee Performance Easily

Ensure Employee's Data Is Protected


The Perfect HR Software

E.M.A.S. Human Resource Management is the ideal software for today's managers and human resource professionals who need a systematic way to store, retrieve, and safeguard employee information. This easy-to-use yet comprehensive and flexible software allows you to manage various human resource aspects including employee compensation, benefits and evaluations.

Track Employee Information...
Finally, a flexible human resource information system (HRIS) that simplifies the way you manage staff records. With Staff Files' flexible filtering system you can track all types of personnel information.
Enter current and historical Salary and benefits enrollment, plus track time accruals for each employee such as sick or vacation time. With Staff Files you can do performance evaluations, employee training, and many other human resource management duties traditionally involving tedious paperwork.

Retrieve Staff Details...
Comprehensive Service Information, Emergency Information, Medical administration, Insurance Claim Administration, Salary Information, Work Permit Renewal, Evaluations or Appraisal, Quota Profession Information, Leave Administration, Loan Tracking and Leave Administration are  retrieve with finger tick.

User define Appraisal grading method is allow user to easily evaluate employee performance. With Manpower, skill and Leave analysis report can help management to reallocate manpower.Safeguard for Peace of Mind...
Safeguard employee data and prevent potential lawsuits. To ensure privacy, Staff Files offers a multi-level password structure, so others only access the information you want them to see. Increase security by creating a password for the underlying database. A Proven Solution...

Over 1,000 users like you rely on Staff Files every day to meet their human resource management needs.

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Key Features

  • Manage and store comprehensive employee information such as service information, medical administration, insurance claim administration, salary information and work permits.

  • Manage leaves, loans, training, insurance and traveling expenses.

  • Manage manpower allocation with information on employee skills and leave data.

  • Manage employee appraisal via user-defined appraisal grading methods.

  • Obtain personnel information using a flexible filtering system.

  • View current and historical salaries of employees.

  • Track time accruals for each employee such as sick or vacation time.

  • Reporting functions that facilitate performance evaluations and various other human resource management duties traditionally involving tedious paperwork.


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