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Special Promotion : Accounting and Stock
Multi Company
Multi Company
Features and Benefits

1) Security: Today professional businessman needs advent security to protect user valuable information.

2) Free Code Format

3) Historical Unpaid Bills

User can key in and apply the Past unpaid bill, Note, Debit Note and payment.

4) Over Credit Reminder

5) Multiple Currencies: Currency Gain & Loss is provided automatically.

6) Consolidate Statement of Account

7) Assign Budgets

8) Batch Controlling

9) Transaction Entry: The system will guide the user on transaction entry inorder to avoid entering wrong double entry process.

10) Auto list Out Unpaid Bills for apply bill in different currency.

11) Project Account

12) Manufacturing Account

13) Financial Report writer

14) Combine Subsidiaries’ Account.

Features and Benefits

1) Time Saving, Easy to operate and auto update account,

2) Spend More Time Selling Inventory than Counting It?

3) What should stocking and what items are fast moving?

4) Accurately track inventory to maximize your profitability and reduce overhead expenses

5) Control Selling Price?

6) Credit Limit Control,

7) Multiple Shipping Address ,

8) Help you manage back-orders,

9) Sales Analysis Reports ,

10) Gross Profit Analysis ,

11) Strong security protection Data,

12) Balance sheet, Profit and Loss reports, Trail Balance, GL, Bank reconciliation and more ...

Customer Statement, List unpaid bill, Aging, Payment Audit Trail, and more ...

More than 70,000 users in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.
More than 38 authorized support and Training center in Malaysia.
Free Interactive Training program which help user do hand on training.

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