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SQL version Accounting, Stock, Payroll System (01/06/2012)

Our latest Accounting, Stock and Payroll program, we change the database system to MSSQL, this mean that, it allow user to save more data and support multi-language too.

Enhancement in StkNL, StkMatrix, StkSerial and StkFiFo (03/04/2007)

Our latest prestk program, we add in all transaction bak file, this mean that, when user save the transaction, system will auto do a backup copy, if system have abnormal shutdown, than user able go houskeeping menu - restore data from bak file option, to call back the missing data.

User able select either restore all the transaction, or select one transaction by one transaction.

We will add in this feature to stknl, stkmatrix, stkserial and stkfifo also.

Enhancement in List of Company (21/08/2007)

You can download our latest version of MIM.exe file, add in copy function to this exe file, so that, next time if your client want to do year end processing, she can make a copy by herself.

For our preacc & all inventory system, add in after restore data, the housekeeping system setup - data path will auto follow program data path.




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