Advantages using Dongle

1. No need register, (Not Cost)
2. No need to verification when install another company or PC (Just pulg and play),
3. Can do multiple company, (Not Cost)
4. Can move program from one computer to another computer easily,
(e.g when you format windows, buy new pc, want to work at home etc)
5. One Years warranty one to one exchange dongle.

6. Easily ˇ°re¨Cactivateˇ± your software on another machine without the need to call for support.

when you need buy new dongle

A. Break-in and lost the dongle and provide a copy of the police report - you only pay for the dongle cost,
B. Broken (If you return back the broken dongle, you only pay for the dongle cost)
C. Unstable power supply like Thunder Storm. It also can damage your PC. (If you return back the damage dongle, you only pay for the dongle cost)

Other than these, using 10 years also no problem.